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Jeju Garden

GR370 Package 3


Thomas McNulty


Branding, Package

Jeju garden is a new premium beer company that base on fruit flavor craft beers from Jeju, Korea. Jeju Island is the biggest Korea vacation spot with warm weather and beautiful ocean with basalt and granite. Jeju Island’s speciality is Hanrabong, which is a citrus fruit grown on Jeju Island similar with Orange. However, Jeju island have some breweries, but they are not so famous.

Jeju garden, premium ale craft beer.

Creating a new premium beer brand identity as an upscaling and trendy for young age group. Also creating brand packages as unique, stylish and upscales for attracting audiences. Jeju garden is a premium beer with ingredients base on their fields and groves for providing organic, tasty and fresh premium pale ale beer.

Jeju Island's tropical craft ale brand for beer-loving travelers.

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